New Partnership: ClearML and Genesis Cloud join forces in delivering Green Energy Compute Solution for Machine Learning and MLOps Teams

New Partnership: ClearML and Genesis Cloud join forces in delivering Green Energy Compute Solution for Machine Learning and MLOps Teams

New MLOps partnership results in lowest cost to train a model in the market, democratizing high-performance and sustainable computing for MLOps teams

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 24, 2022 – Genesis Cloud, the leader in green GPU cloud computing, and ClearML, the only frictionless, unified, end-to-end MLOps platform, announced a new partnership. The agreement will make Genesis Cloud’s green energy Compute Instance available as part of ClearML’s powerful MLOps platform.

With computing accounting for nearly 4% of global emissions in 2021 – and with that number likely set to grow dramatically as computing needs expand – limiting the industry’s carbon footprint has become a critical priority. This partnership tackles these concerns head-on by providing long overdue access to high-performance and 100% green computing solutions for MLOps teams.

“At ClearML, we are always looking for ways to make MLOps as efficient and productive as possible,” said Moses Guttman, Co-founder and CEO of ClearML. “Through this partnership with Genesis Cloud, we are offering the easiest, simplest, and lowest cost to scale MLOps. Now, teams using ClearML can automatically spin up and spin down compute instances based on user load with Genesis Cloud’s 100% green energy solution, delivering the lowest cost to train in the market while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.”

Genesis Cloud is a cloud provider leading the way in the green high-performance computing field by making accelerated cloud computing more efficient, accessible, and sustainable. With over 16,000 users and over 100,000 instances created, Genesis Cloud provides companies with the right instance types to enable businesses with flexibility and opportunity for growth.

“For far too long, MLOps efficiency and scalability have been undermined by the industry’s need to rely on proprietary, non-open source point solutions and prohibitive GPU costs,” said Nicolás Chaparro, CEO of Genesis Cloud. “By combining the powers of ClearML and Genesis Cloud, we immediately eliminate many of these barriers – especially for small and medium-sized Data Science and DevOps teams. On top of this, the green energy-run Genesis Cloud platform makes us truly believe that this partnership marks the future of what MLOps and cloud computing performance, sustainability, and progressive pricing should be.”

ClearML is an open source platform, purpose-built for the MLOps industry, empowering MLOps teams to build, execute, manage, monitor and analyze the entire MLOps process from a single fully integrated platform – all with just two lines of code. With ClearML, customers significantly shorten their time-to-value and time-to-revenue, ensuring ML projects are executed successfully and make it to production efficiently.

ClearML’s full suite of technology – including ClearML for Enterprise, which is now generally available – will be showcased at ECCV 2022 in Tel Aviv, where ClearML is a leading sponsor of the event.

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