Supporting the Racks4Roots initiative to secure climate-stable forests

Supporting the Racks4Roots initiative to secure climate-stable forests

Supporting the Racks4Roots initiative to secure climate-stable forests.

The Genesis Cloud Team took action on Monday, the 18th of July to secure a longer and healthier life to a forest around the wonderful Spitzingsee, located in the German Alps near our headquarters in Munich. More than 100 participants were involved in the regeneration activity, which aims at helping the forest become more mixed and climate-stable by introducing new forest stands that are more resilient and help prevent pests from spreading as quickly.

“Companies like Genesis Cloud have made it possible to plant 11,761 trees with Racks4Roots this year. It is their commitment and motivation that shows what we can achieve when we all work together. The crucial thing is that we all join forces for what is important. For this to happen, we need one thing in particular: a corporate leadership that understands the importance of a sustainable economy for our future.” Racks4Roots Organization

We are grateful to EMC Home of Data for this initiative and to all the helping hands which took part in this beautiful initiative. It has also been a fun team-building activity!

What is Racks4Roots?

Racks4Roots was created by EMC Home of Data in close cooperation with the German Forest Protection Association (SDW). The legally recognized nature conservation association was founded in 1947 and is therefore the oldest forest protection initiative in Germany. As of today, SDW has 25,000 members who ensure that numerous forest and nature conservation projects can develop, grow and thrive every year.

When selecting the trees, strict ecological criteria apply, with particular attention being paid to a large variety of species. This creates climate-stable mixed forests that not only defy external influences but also preserve the habitat for a large number of different plant and animal species.

Our commitment

At Genesis Cloud, we have an environmental commitment to use renewable energy in our data centers and preserve our planet for future generations. Not only are our data centers running on green-at-source power using exclusively hydroelectric and geothermal resources, but also we are trying to make our planet a little greener by supporting initiatives like Racks4Roots.

One final word from Cesare Bosi, our Technical Marketing Manager, on the importance of taking action: “Racks4Roots is the proof that by working together and being committed to higher goals, we can set the ground for growth and prosperity in the years to come. Genesis Cloud has found a community of like-minded individuals and companies who want to make a difference in the world, starting from the IT industry. We have been happy to join this initiative as it was perfectly resonating with our commitment to environmental sustainability”.

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