Genesis Cloud expands to Norway

Genesis Cloud expands to Norway

Introducing a second data center location, once again green-at-source

We proudly announce our data center expansion to the south of Norway. After months of hard work and in cooperation with Bulk Infrastructure Group AS, we set up a second data center location to meet the needs of our growing user community. With this second data center, we further improve our services: We are increasing the total number of available GPUs for more cost-efficiency and accessibility. Besides the NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, we will introduce the NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3060 Ti at a low price staying true to our mission of making cloud computing accessible for all. For more information on this new GPU instance follow us on this blog or social media. Like in Iceland, our new Norwegian data center is powered by green energy - allowing you to run your operations sustainably.

“Partnering with Bulk allows us to scale out our capacities in Norway while staying true to our mission. Our customers will continue to get the most performance per dollar with even lower latencies towards Europe without sacrificing their commitment to the use of green energy.”

Tristan Helmich, CTO of Genesis Cloud

How can you benefit from the Norway data center?

While pricing and computing performance of the instances remain the same despite the location, you should consider the following when choosing your region:

How to choose Norway as a region for your instance?

As part of our accessibility philosophy, it is easy to choose the Norway or Iceland regions as the first step during the instance creation process:

Alternatively, you can select the location through public API. Find guidance in our developer’s documentation.

There is more to come…

Introducing our new data center location in Norway is just one of many great things to come. Besides a new instance type, we are also working on some great features, accelerating team collaboration and a fast way of getting started.

Stay tuned and keep accelerating 🚀

The Genesis Cloud team

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Sign up for an account with Genesis Cloud here to experience the Norway data center and benefit from $15 in free credits. If you want to find out more please write to [email protected].