Setup your Genesis Cloud account in no time with our onboarding guide

Setup your Genesis Cloud account in no time with our onboarding guide

As accessibility is one of our core values we are offering an easier and faster way for our new users to set up their accounts and be ready to use our services. Furthermore, you have the option to tell us a bit more about your interests and needs. By learning more about you as a user we are able to improve our services and focus on developing features that support you and the Genesis Cloud community.

How it works:

Create your account via email and verify this address, or use alternatively Google or GitHub SSO. You are immediately redirected to our five-step onboarding flow.

Here you can enter all necessary (security) verification and payment method steps, such as:

Help us serve you better, we ask you to:

Except for billing details and your usage type, all steps are optional and can be finished in the Genesis Cloud console at a later stage.

Onboarding Guide

…there is more on its way: we don’t just stop here but keep accelerating our services 🚀 Besides offering new instance types, we are working on some great features as well, accelerating team collaboration. Stay tuned for more details.

Keep accelerating 🚀

The Genesis Cloud team

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Sign up for an account with Genesis Cloud here to experience our onboarding guide and benefit from $15 in free credits. If you want to find out more please write to [email protected].