New Partnership: Genesis Cloud partners with Openfabric to offer AI developers a robust and sustainable infrastructure

New Partnership: Genesis Cloud partners with Openfabric to offer AI developers a robust and sustainable infrastructure

Genesis Cloud, a leading provider of cloud computing services, has teamed up with Openfabric, the first platform for building and connecting AI Apps, to provide developers with advanced and sustainable technology. This partnership aims to offer a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology that can assist businesses in staying ahead of the competition and expanding operations.

According to Norman Behrend, Chief Customer Officer at Genesis Cloud, “This partnership will enable developers to easily create more powerful and efficient applications and will open up new possibilities for innovation and growth. The Genesis Cloud Team is excited to see what AI developers can create using Openfabric and our specialized infrastructure, and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals in a more sustainable way” Andrei Tara, Founder and CEO of Openfabric, also expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that “Our dedication to offering straightforward and cost-efficient AI solutions and our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations through using renewable energy in data centers, make us very proud of partnering with Genesis Cloud, a highly competitive cloud infrastructure provider.”

Genesis Cloud is a European cloud infrastructure provider that specializes in machine learning, rendering, blockchain, transcoding, and IT security-related workloads. The company operates fully green data centers, powered by 100% renewable energy sources. Genesis Cloud GPUs provide high-performance compute power at up to 85% lower cost than other major cloud providers, making it perfect for scaling on-demand.

Openfabric is a platform that aims to democratize AI by providing developers with hardware capabilities and a decentralized network to operate and train complex AI applications. The partnership with Genesis Cloud provides Openfabric with the necessary infrastructure to improve and broaden their protocols.

The combination of the Openfabric ecosystem and Genesis Cloud high-performance computing infrastructure also has the potential to lead to the development of next-generation blockchain products and Web3 applications.

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