Genesis Cloud and NVIDIA: Together for the development of HPC and AI

Genesis Cloud and NVIDIA: Together for the development of HPC and AI

On December 12 and 13, 2023, in Santa Clara, California, Genesis Cloud and NVIDIA© participated in a 2-days workshop to align on strategic and technological aspects and to strengthen a collaboration that is growing at the speed of light.


Genesis Cloud is a cloud provider part of the NVIDIA Partner Network providing enterprises and AI startups with the NVIDIA Reference Architecture, including networking and storage solutions optimized for AI.

The Genesis Cloud team included Dr. Stefan Schiefer, CEO, Nicolás Chaparro, COO, Stefan Ojanen, Director of Product Management, and Cesare Bosi, Technical Marketing Manager. They were joined by a few members of the Advisory Board, namely Richard Socher, CEO and Founder at, Mario Schlosser, President of Technology and Co-Founder at Oscar, and Marco Streng, CEO at Genesis Group.

As emerged during the sessions, Genesis Cloud is the fastest cloud provider to have adopted and invested in the latest NVIDIA technology enabling HPC and the largest AI developments, like LLMs and GenAI, bringing to the market NVIDIA HGX™ H100. Plans to grow in the value chain and on the NVIDIA stack were also part of the discussion. The two companies committed to jointly bring to the market the most innovative technologies developed by NVIDIA and to support users with highly valuable industry knowledge and customized solutions that maximize performance at the most favorable market conditions.

The astonishing Voyager and Endeavor buildings of the NVIDIA headquarters, especially designed and rendered to optimize for internal light exposure and energy efficiency, set up the perfect scenario for deep technical sessions and for a promising 2024 follow-up plan. A visit to the EBC Demo Room and the Selene Supercomputer (ranked number 10 worldwide in terms of compute, composed by 560 NVIDIA DGX™ A100) topped the meeting.

In a statement of Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Group, “The Genesis Group has long and proficient relationship with NVIDIA. We are very much looking forward to leading the future of High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence.”

Dr. Stefan Schiefer, CEO of Genesis Cloud, added: ”We have a very clear vision to provide companies with the most secure and affordable cloud infrastructure. We firmly believe in providing value to our users by building this together with a strong and forward-looking partner like NVIDIA, one of the most R&D and tech driven company in the world leading in the AI space.“

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