Genesis Cloud and Supermicro: Together for the biggest HPC and AI developments

Genesis Cloud and Supermicro: Together for the biggest HPC and AI developments

On December 14, 2023, in San Jose, California, Genesis Cloud and Supermicro held a strategic meeting to discuss the joint growth strategy and share first-hand insights on all the upcoming next-generation HPC and AI hardware.

Genesis Cloud is one of the most important cloud providers to support customers worldwide with HPC- and AI- optimized infrastructure in partnership with Supermicro. The Genesis Cloud team attending the workshop included Dr. Stefan Schiefer, CEO, Nicolás Chaparro, COO, Stefan Ojanen, Director of Product Management, and Cesare Bosi, Technical Marketing Manager. The discussions ranged from the most efficient AI-specialized accelerators from the likes of NVIDIA, Intel and AMD, network and storage solutions, up to designing the fastest delivery process for Genesis Cloud, and to soon to be introduced technologies like liquid-cooling racks.

Charles Liang, Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, participated in the meetings, alongside Cenly Chen, SVP and Chief Growth Officer, and Alen Eryoldas, Director of Sales - 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭🇹🇷, thereby adding a consistent contribution to the partnership and growth strategies thanks to their major experience in the industry. Furthermore there has been time to enjoy a guided tour through the state-of-the-art Supermicro factory and, particularly, to visit the NVIDIA H100 production line, appreciating the high quality standards.


“Our collaboration with Genesis Cloud marks a significant step in advancing HPC and AI technologies,” said Charles Liang, Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Supermicro. “Together, we’re blending Supermicro’s innovation and quality with Genesis Cloud’s expertise to redefine industry standards and enhance customer experience. This is a testament to our shared vision of technological leadership and excellence.“

Dr. Stefan Schiefer, CEO of Genesis Cloud, added: “We believe in building strong and long-term relationships. Supermicro is a key partner of our growth strategy and together we are fully aligned to maximize the value to our customers for the biggest HPC and AI developments.“

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