Meet our new CEO - Nicolas Chaparro

Meet our new CEO - Nicolas Chaparro
Nicolás Chaparro (“Nick”) and Maximilian Freiermuth (“Max”) in front of Genesis Cloud’s business dashboard showing operating and growth metrics.

We welcome Nick on board as the new CEO of Genesis Cloud and look back on a colossal achievement by the founding team whose shares have been acquired by Genesis Group Limited.

We are excited to announce that Nick has joined Genesis Cloud GmbH as our new CEO on September 1st.

We had the pleasure to work with Nick during our exciting, fast paced growth-story for some time before he started to actively support the management team. Since June, Max has been preparing the hand over of the CEO role to Nick, and this month he is officially taking over as managing director. Genesis Group Limited (a holding company by the seed investors of Genesis Cloud) has recently acquired the founder’s shares of Genesis Cloud as a strategic investment. After the exit, the Founders, Max, Julian and Dutch will transition from their management roles to continue shaping the long-term vision of Genesis Cloud as board advisors.

Three Years ago, there was just an Idea

Max, Julian and Dutch founded Genesis Cloud about three years ago and were among the first to fully grasp the enormous potential of a hardware accelerated computing cloud purpose built from the ground up, specifically for the demands and requirements of the rapidly growing field of machine learning. When they started Genesis Cloud, this was nothing more than a visionary idea, unclear if technically possible or commercially feasible. In less than three years, the vision was realized: a high efficient and intuitive GPU cloud for scalable machine learning and VFX rendering applications. Another industry-first, Genesis Cloud runs 100% on renewable geothermal energy in Iceland.

Incredible Growth Metrics

Today, Genesis Cloud has 17 team members and we are actively growing the team to handle the increasing demand. The numbers speak for themselves: 4500 active accounts and counting with an average revenue growth of over 45% month-over-month since launch end of last year. We are currently expanding the number of GPUs for the second time this year. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our customers and faster growth in demand than we anticipated.

Duttch Julian and Max

The Founders, from left to right: Dutch, Julian and Max at the OpenStack Summit 2018

Nick sees that as well and explains: “From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to start a company and take it all the way from an idea to a profitable product. I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am by what they have built together with the team. Taking Genesis Cloud to the next level is a colossal responsibility and I am truly thankful for the trust the team, the founders and the investors are putting in me.”

Nick’s previous roles have been centered around building and growing businesses. His career started as an engineering director of Genser Power, a startup in Columbia then moved on to consulting at McKinsey, and more recently as CEO at Genesis Mining Iceland. We are confident that these experiences now allow him to take Genesis Cloud to the next level. We have a multitude of features and upgrades we are working on in our core product and Nick’s experience in these areas will be particularly valuable.

The road onwards will be characterised by transition, expansion as well as new developments. We are excited to welcome the next chapter of growth with our exceptionally talented and growing team at Genesis Cloud, our clients, partners, and investors. Together we continue shaping the future of efficient, scalable & accessible accelerated cloud computing.

Let’s keep accelerating!