Best practices on productionalizing ML models

Best practices on productionalizing ML models

On November 24th, Genesis Cloud hosted the first Munich meetup for the MLOps Community.

The MLOps Community in Munich had its first gathering on Thursday the 24th of November at Genesis Cloud’s headquarters. It proved to be a new milestone in Genesis Cloud’s journey alongside Machine Learning engineers and practitioners, with more than 40 people coming together to share their personal experiences and the daily business challenges around “Tool agnostic MLOps & A/B Testing.”

The event kickstarted with good pizza and lots of networking. After which, Genesis Cloud’s CEO Nicolás Chaparro did the honors and presented our cloud for accelerators, capable of delivering the highest performance and being optimized for the lowest cost-to-train. The program addressed mainly ML engineers and newcomers looking for insights on how to best productionalize ML models and to learn best practices on deploying, monitoring, and scaling ML-based systems.

In case you missed the meetup, here is a recap of the topics addressed by the speakers:



What is the MLOps Community?

The MLOps Community fills “the swiftly growing need to share real-world Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field. While MLOps shares a lot of ground with DevOps, the differences are as big as the similarities. We needed a community laser-focused on solving the unique challenges we deal with every day building production AI/ML pipelines.”

Our commitment for the local MLOps Community

At Genesis Cloud, we see ourselves as a cloud for developers, engineers and creators who want to make an impact with no harmful emissions being released to the atmosphere. In order for this to happen, we need to get to know each other, share and learn from experiences, and most of all, be open to new learnings and challenges. This is what our community stands for.

So when we noticed that our city, Munich, did not have its own MLOps gathering, we connected and teamed up with other peers and in the Fall of 2022 we launched the Munich MLOps Community. In the picture below, the MLOps Munich Team and the speakers of the first meetup:


“For us is very important being part of the MLOps Community and learning from it, especially since Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way of doing things in the world. Genesis Cloud wants to contribute to helping people do better and in a more sustainable way, providing green powered infrastructure, being transparent and highly specialized to improve performance.”

- Nicolás Chaparro, CEO of Genesis Cloud (first from the right in the picture)

Are you were interested in knowing more about MLOps, its approach and latest developments? We spoke about it in an article published recently here on our blog. Check it out here: “TrendAI: What’s trending in 2022?“.

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