Product Update: Notification Center

Product Update: Notification Center

As we already announced in January, 2022 will be a year with new and more advanced features. Therefore, we are introducing the Notification Center to give you a better overview on Genesis Cloud updates as well as your account information. We replaced the banner on the top of the dashboard with a dynamic Notification Center – symbolised with a black bell in the top right corner: The new Notification Center in the top right corner

Now you will be able to get directly notified about the following topics:

How it works:

If you have unread messages, there will be a number right next to the bell. By clicking on the bell symbol you open the Notification Center. To give you a better overview, you can see notifications requiring your action on the top. For example, adding a credit card after you signed up.

Once you close the notification center again, all messages are automatically marked as read. But don’t worry: notifications aren’t deleted, so nothing is lost. Notifications list

Stay tuned

Stay tuned on new features, service and policy updates, scheduled maintenances and much more. We will share more information about our data center expansion and organisational accounts soon.

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